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What is GEA? Generic Ethernet Access

As a business owner, you always want your company to thrive and reach new grounds.

One of the most important factors in this regard is your internet connection speed. With Generic Ethernet Access you will be able to solve your connection problems.

So, what is Generic Ethernet Access?

Generic Ethernet Access, also known as GEA, is a type of leased line. It is an efficient and cost effective type of business broadband connection that brings high speed web access to your company via Ethernet Fibre. Generic Ethernet Access is one of the best types of business broadband on the market right now, mainly because it places more emphasis on a higher download speed rather than upload speed. With GEA, you will typically be able to lease lines and achieve a speed between 2-20 MBPS depending on the provider and the plan you are opting for.

Generic Ethernet Access is quite similar to the FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) as it uses the copper infrastructure that can be found between the customer location and the cabinet but, unlike FTTC, all traffic goes through the Ethernet network instead of going through the broadband. This helps the internet connection gain a much better speed and, what’s even more important, all of this is received with lower maintenance and installation costs!

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Thanks to leased lines, you will be able to enjoy multiple features brought to you by the GEA. First of all, you will receive almost 100% target service availability, great bandwidth, IPv4 and IPv6 support, not to mention that you will be able to add an increased level of support for your customers, because you will be able to help and reach them faster. Accessing Generic Ethernet Access in your business is really important to maintain the competitive edge within your field of work.

On top of that, Yoozoom’s Generic Ethernet Access business broadband service comes with a SLA (Service Level Agreement), so you don’t have to worry about things such as down-time and data loss anymore.

The installation of GEA can be much faster than you might think, and can be installed in under two weeks. Furthermore, GEA provides great support for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and VPN’s (Virtual Private Network) at high speeds, bringing a whole new set of features that will help your business grow. Generic Ethernet Access is all about offering the best network speeds and increasing the productivity of your business.

“Thanks to its fast installation on leased lines and low costs, the Generic Ethernet Access business broadband option is by far one of the best internet connectivity choices for any company!”

For more information about GEA and other internet connectivity packages we offer, download our guide to Complete Connectivity Solutions.

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