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A great alternative to BT Cloud Voice - With Total reliability!

Thinking of buying a cloud phone system for your business? Check out how much money you could save with Yoozoom Cloud Voice.

"Yoozoom have restored my faith in the telecoms industry"

Simon Ketteringham, Director, Castlehill

Save money with Cloud Voice from Yoozoom

Service BT Cloud Voice Yoozoom Cloud Voice
License fee (per user per month,
based on 36 month contract), starts from...

£6.40 £7.95

Connection £100.00 Included
User setup £10.00 licence + installation fee Included in installation fee
24/7 support Up to £2.40 per user per month Included
Video Training Pay for webcasts Included
CRM Connect £6.90 per month £4.95 per month
Hunt group plus £4 per hunt group per month Included
Skype for Business plugin Currently unavailable Included

Our call bundles are up to 70% cheaper!

Minutes BT Cloud Voice Yoozoom Cloud Voice
500 £11.25 N/A
1000 £22.50 £9.95
2500 £56.25 £22.50
5000 £112.50 £45
10000 £225 £59.50
20000 £400 £119
40000 £775 £238
60000 £1100 £357

Why choose yoozoom?

Number one

We’re the UK’s #1 for cloud phone systems. Cloud is our speciality, which is why it’s the only type of system we offer.

24 7 UK Support

UK wide installation and training with 24/7, 365 support for complete peace of mind.


Our training covers more than phone features – we help your people discover how to work smarter and improve your customers' experience.

System Correct

We migrate you seamlessly so there’s no unexpected disruption to your business – ensuring you have the correct internet bandwidth, installation, configuration and training.