No clunky software downloads.
Browser-based communications for business.

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About Cloud Voice PLUS

Cloud Voice PLUS is a fully integrated, cutting edge communications system.

Cloud Voice PLUS is a cloud phone system which incorporates Phonecalls, SMS, Live Chat, file sharing, web conferencing via video and screen sharing via Web Realtime Communication (WebRTC). There's no need to download and install clunky third-party apps or share private details. It seamlessly integrates with your website so clients can connect on a one-to-one basis or even in groups using any browser on any device.

What's more, Cloud Voice PLUS integrates easily with your telephony system, email and CRM system to work as an all encompassing browser-based unified communications system.

All the features of our standard Cloud Voice package and much more, including WebRTC Web conferencing

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC

Realtime web conferencing

By simply clicking a link, one or more of your contacts can connect and have a face to face conversation with you instantly. Cloud Voice PLUS web conferencing works in any browser and on any device.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC - no software downloads necessary

No clunky software downloads

Cloud Voice PLUS does not require you to download and install third-party apps or share private details. Instead it uses APIs and SDKs to integrate seamlessly with your website. Users can get in touch with you instantly by simply clicking a link.

Make & recieve calls by video phone

Make & recieve calls by HD video phone

Get closer to your customers and colleagues in realtime with our range of video phones for video calls and web conferencing. You can even make and receive video calls to and from a PC or other device.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC - integrated communications system

Fast integrations with leading CRM systems, hardware and software.

Salesforce, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Google and Zendesk are just some of the other platforms Cloud Voice PLUS integrates with.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC Calendar

Appointment booking

Customers and colleagues can set their own meetings and get automatic email confirmations.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC remote file sharing

Speed up communications

Screen share and send files and data instantly between participants.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC affordable piggy bank

Easily Affordable

Get all of these features for a simple, cost efficient monthly fee.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC your own branding

Next-level professional

Yoozoom Cloud Voice PLUS can be embedded into your emails and business website, so your brand is always at the forefront.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC software updates

Stay ahead with instant access to automatic software upgrades

Software upgrades come as standard to every user, free of charge and happens without you even having to do a thing, so you’ll always be able to get your hands on brilliant new features as soon as they come out!

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