What is WebRTC?

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WebRTC (Web Real-time Communications) is a relatively new open-source technology offering real-time communication through a web browser without the need for any software downloads.

WebRTC provides a means to hold secure video meetings online with the click of a button. Businesses can now meet face to face with their clients online, no matter which browser or device they are using. What's more, WebRTC's interoperability with VoIP (in more common terms, phone service over the Internet), means businesses and customers alike can communicate with anyone, anywhere on any device through online voice, video, and chat.

A few things you should know about WebRTC

WebRTC Video-chat

Employees can access video, voice or chat directly through your company website with a single click, allowing more meaningful interaction with customers. Create great rapport and increase sales without even having to leave your desk!

WebRTC Secure and Encrypted

WebRTC provides encrypted communication paths by default. This means that your communications stay private, making WebRTC a far more secure solution for both large and small businesses.

WebRTC Interoperability with VoIP

WebRTC's interoperability with VoIP allows businesses and customers to enhance their experience and communicate with each other from anywhere on their chosen channel through online voice, video or chat.

WebRTC Save on Time and Travel

WebRTC can be a highly cost effective and lucrative solution for business. Think time and money saved on travel. Think increased sales and decreased cost of sales through better convenience to your customers.

WebRTC Flexibility 3

As there's no need for software downloads, your employees can work remotely if needs be, allowing you to keep your best workers, increase morale, and increase your workforce without having to increase office space.

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