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Record growth in VoIP phone system UK market following end-of-life for ISDN and PSTN networks. Are you keeping up?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP phone system) is one of the fastest growing trends in telecommunications globally. With roll-out of high speed fibre broadband now prevalent across the majority of the UK and world coupled with BT’s announced plans to switch off their ISDN and PSTN networks in 2025, strong growth will continue as businesses look to migrate to an alternative VoIP-led telephony solution.

VoIP phone system

There are two main solutions on the UK VoIP market for businesses which need to migrate from a traditional on-site phone system (also known as an on-premise PBX) to a VoIP alternative.

Cloud Phone System (also referred to as a hosted PBX)

This is where the entire phone system is hosted in the cloud so there is no need for physical equipment or hardware on-site. Calls travel via the internet instead of through traditional phone lines. The mechanism for making calls is a phone APP, accessible on any internet enabled device – PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can also purchase and use IP phones with a cloud phone system, which look exactly like a traditional phone.

Yoozoom’s Cloud Voice is one of the market-leading VoIP phone system; providing businesses with a fully secure cloud phone system, packed with extra features above and beyond those of most traditional PBX solutions; such as video conferencing, instant chat. It’s also easy to set up and programme so businesses can set up and run their phone system without need for extra external engineers or costs. Click here to find out more information about Cloud Voice

SIP Trunk Solution

Essentially these are analogue/isdn line replacements that use the internet instead of traditional telephony network. They provide the same service you get from a traditional analog or isdn phone line; with your data circuit (T1, Cable Modem, DSL(broadband), Ethernet over Copper and Fibre (leased line).  SIP Trunking connect directly into your on-premise phone system back to their network.

Depending on the age of your on-premise PBX; you may be able to adapt what you have for VoIP UK capability in other words it’s SIP trunk ready. That said, any hybrid solution means you’re still left with the same basic phone system functionality and when there are more sophisticated cloud telephone alternatives on the market like Cloud Voice, providing businesses with greater possibilities for streamlining their back office processes, improving workforce collaboration, increasing customer responsiveness with free and regular service upgrades, you could soon find your capability lagging behind.

VoIP is the way forward for telecommunications

BT has already invested billions in what they call their next generation network.  And with the recent announcement that BT will commit a further £6 billion over the next 36 months in even higher speed internet access, VOIP UK is continuing to experience strong, exponential growth.

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