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Welcome to our videos page

Below you can find some useful videos covering our products and services and how to's to help you navigate our Cloud Voice System.

What is Cloud Voice?

What could Cloud Contact Centre do for your business?

Your New VoIP Phone System: Yoozoom Cloud Voice

IT support companies - partner with Yoozoom Telecom!

What makes Yoozoom different?

Which type of connectivity does my business need?

What are the benefits of a leased line?

Cloud Voice: Virtual meetings

Cloud Voice: How to use your Yealink T42 handset

Cloud Voice: Using your softphone

Cloud Voice: Configuring your voicemail

Cloud Voice: How to set up hunt groups

Cloud Voice: Introduction to your Employee Portal

Cloud Voice: How to set up CRM Connect

Cloud Voice: Setting up Call Forwarding & Simultaneous Ring


Cloud Voice: How to set up a basic Auto Attendant

Cloud Voice: Working remotely

Cloud Voice: Introduction to your new cloud phone

Cloud Voice: Collaborating using My Room

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