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Take employee productivity and customer responsiveness up a notch with a unified communications phone system

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Unified Communications platforms streamline unconnected IT systems that may be harming employee productivity

If you’re new to the term Unified Communications (UC), let’s quickly bring you up to speed because UC is one of the latest developments that everyone’s talking about in the telecommunications industry, globally.  The best phone systems on the market, like Cloud Voice and Cloud Contact Centre, already have powerful UC functionality within them. That said, phone system developers, like Broadsoft are still eagerly looking at how they can evolve their products further to achieve even more UC functionality in future. So what is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) – a definition

UC is where separate modes of communication (email, voice, video, text, web collaboration) are seamlessly connected and integrated into a single, combined user experience. The purpose of it is to bring increasingly disparate communications platforms together so that users are more productive in their jobs because the need to “switch in and out” of several different platforms to process communications has been simplified or even removed.

Unified Communications – Options for business:

Cloud-based UC

This is where the system technology is stored in the cloud and a user simply downloads the software as you would an APP onto the device(s) you want to access the UC platform from. Cloud-based UC is sold in a similar way to SaaS (Software as a Service), for a fixed price, per user, per month with no upfront capex investment.  Cloud-based UC is increasingly referred to as UCaaS (Unified Communications as a service) and is the most popular method for businesses to incorporate UC capability into their operations.

Yoozoom’s Cloud Voice is a powerful and user-friendly unified communications (UC) platform, featuring voice and video calling, chat, conferencing and out of the box integrations with mainstream business apps such as Office365, Skype for Business; Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Sugar and Sage. Click here to go to Cloud Voice.

If you’re running a call centre or contact centre and need a little extra, Yoozoom’s Cloud Contact Centre is a great choice. Click here to go to Cloud Contact Centre

Premise-based UC

This is where the system technology is held on-site, purchased as an upfront capital expense. May also include additional service contracts and charges for upgrades. The business will need to take into consideration where this is going to be housed – typically this is within their own premises, however, it can also be stored off-site in a third party data centre.  Storage, power, running and in-life upgrades all attract resource and charges which may add significantly to the cost of ownership.

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