What is WebRTC?

Introducing WebRTC! You may not have heard of this innovative technology yet, but it will soon become ingrained in everyday life. So what is WebRTC, why is it a gamechanger, and what does it mean for businesses?

Firstly, what is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications. This means live communication (audio or video call) directly from your internet browser – including on mobile! – be it Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Chrome. Safari will also support WebRTC soon, but this is in the development phase.

WebRTC enables communications to be embedded in the actual browser itself, without the need for any external application or download. It instructs your device to link the browser to its webcam and microphone, so the browser essentially becomes a telephone or camera device. This can be a mobile, laptop, or whichever device you choose that has a browser installed.

Why is WebRTC a gamechanger?

Until now our instant communications have been either text/image-based, or video-based through external applications (like Skype). However, they have all needed this external application (like Skype) to be downloaded, with both parties requiring the same applicationdownloaded to communicate.

With WebRTC, there is no need for any external application. It simply works from browser to browser (which don’t have to be the same) across all devices. You can now link across the world, wherever you can get a decent internet connection. Even better, the webpage that the chat is hosted on can have your choice of branding; your choice of layout; your choice of domain.

Skype has undoubtedly been used and loved by many for calls with friends & family, and some business calls out of necessity. However, businesses adopting Skype (perhaps as part of 365) still require those they’re communicating with to be on the same type of Skype and to connect with specific ID’s. It also doesn’t carry any corporate or business identity. WebRTC overcomes these hurdles.

What does WebRTC mean for your business?

WebRTC provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes. It makes developing in-house video applications an option for businesses that previously would have had to rely on third party applications like Skype.

Here’s a couple of examples for inspiration:

  1. As you’ll see in the image below, Yoozoom have their very own branded video, audio and screen sharing portal. This allows us to present ourselves in the most professional manner to anyone in the world, with the other party simply needing to click a link to join the conversation! We carry out demos for our telecommunication solutions via this exciting technology, keeping chats branded and in our control.
  2. Another example comes from Amazon, who have unsurprisingly jumped on this growing technology trend. They leverage WebRTC in their video contact centre solution, Mayday. This connects an end user directly to a customer service operator, face to face via their browser. Could you also enhance your customer service with WebRTC? There’s no cost to the end user and call quality is top notch. Keep communication in your domain so that customers remember a fantastic customer experience with your brand.

It’s an exciting time to be in the tech industry! Yoozoom is a telecommunications expert based in Leeds. We develop bespoke WebRTC solutions for businesses of all sizes across the UK, from just £50 per month. We’ll get your platform looking ultra-professional; you manage your appointments through a simple CMS.

What is WebRTC’s potential in your business?

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