Using Skype for Business is simple, especially if you’ve used Skype in your personal life. So how can you take it a step further and utilise it to make your business a more efficient environment?

Using Skype for business in the following ways:

Instant messenger

You wouldn’t email your mates to organise going to the pub, you’d use Whatsapp, iMessage or one of the other more ‘instant’ forms of communication. Why? It’s quick, and easy to follow a conversation. Plus your email inbox is probably already cluttered with external mail! Have you ever wasted time worrying about how formal or informal you’re coming across in an email? IM saves you the trouble, just chat as you would normally.

Voice calling

Using Skype for Business Click to Call means you can click on a number in your web browser to make an instant outbound call. Save yourself time going back and forth from screen to device inputting the number. In fact, you don’t really need a desk phone (although some people still prefer to have one). As long as you have a PC or laptop, you can make calls from this device wherever you sign in, using the device microphone and speakers (you can also plug in a headset if you want).

Video calling

See your collaborators face to face with the video calling function that Skype is famous for. Lots of businesses find this saves them time travelling to meetings or getting people in for interviews, because it can all be done remotely and often delivering the same results. Video call allows you to include up to 250 users!

Screen share

This is the most useful function for collaboration efficiency. Share your screen with users, show them presentations, draw on a shared virtual whiteboard, record your meeting, the list goes on! Visit the S4B site to view all features. This highly useful feature saves you time travelling to meetings, or even to the other side of the office floor.


Make your business even more streamlined by integrating S4B with your phone system. Cloud Voice from Yoozoom plugs into Skype for Business so you can take advantage of the extra features it offers, including:

  • Make calls to all of your contacts from the S4B app, using your Cloud Voice minutes
  • MyRoom – combines Unified Communications tools into a single virtual “room”
  • Screen share with anyone, even if they don’t use Skype for Business
  • Raise your hand during presentations
  • Annotate when screen sharing (even outside Whiteboard function)
  • No need for a headset! Speak to your device’s built-in microphone

Find out more about Yoozoom’s Cloud Voice platform here.

We hope you enjoy using Skype for Business and Yoozoom Cloud Voice to enhance your business operations! Other articles include: Skype for business costs, review, enhancing employee efficiency, and a guide to hosting Skype meetings, or visit our Skype for Business page here.

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