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Skype for Business costs

Skype for Business costs can get confusing. Do you have to pay for Skype for Business if you already have a Microsoft Office 365 license? Can you just pay for S4B without taking Outlook, Excel etc.? Do you have to buy call credit or is it free? Let’s break it down!

I already have Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Plan 1

You will have to upgrade to Business Essentials, which costs an extra 60p per user per month. Calls are then free to other Skype for Business users when made over an internet connection.

I already have Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials

Good news! You already have Skype for Business included in your plan. Download the installer from http://portal.office365.com or ask your system administrator. Calls with Skype for Business are free to other users.

I have neither

As part of Office 365 Business Essentials, Skype for Business costs just £3.10 per month per user. This also gives you Sharepoint, Email and 1Tb OneDrive. Standalone Skype for Business costs £1.30 per user per month. Calls are free to other Skype for Business users.

BUT what about Skype for Business costs when making calls to non-users?

It is not currently possible to make external calls using Skype for Business. However, integrating Skype for Business with Yoozoom Cloud Voice allows you to make S4B calls to anyone using your normal phone package, even if they don’t use the same software. So if your employees are used to using Skype for Business to instant message and screen share with colleagues, with Yoozoom’s Cloud Voice they can use the same application for all business communications – in one place!

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