Alex Deighton from Yoozoom on leveraging technology to streamline business processes, without a big business budget.

What does Yoozoom do?

Yoozoom provides cloud communication and connectivity services. We’ve been selling cloud-only for the last 7 years, as we saw this was where demand was heading. We’re based in Leeds and have clients across the UK.

Which apps does Yoozoom use?

CRM: Zoho

Collaboration: Skype for Business, Microsoft 365, Slack

Phone system: our own Cloud telephony (VoIP) solution, Cloud Voice

Marketing automation: Force24

Other: Buffer, Google Analytics, Adobe CC

Nearly all of our key elements, apart from our physical office, are now in the cloud.

Which processes have you managed to streamline with these apps?

I really like Slack – a messaging app. It means my email inbox doesn’t get cluttered with messages that aren’t urgent, and I can visit certain ‘channels’ to easily see where we are with different projects.

Cloud Voice has also been a gamechanger. My sales team used to drive to sales pitches in the first instance; now all of our initial demos of our products are carried out via web conferencing and screen sharing using the Cloud Voice app. Sales don’t always have to travel everywhere and it leaves them much more flexible to suit client schedules. It’s win-win.

What do you think the upcoming tech trends are for small businesses?

WebRTC is set to be hugely popular with all businesses. WebRTC enables video and audio communications to be embedded in a browser, without the need for any external application or download. Even better, the webpage that the chat is hosted on can have your choice of branding; your choice of layout and your choice of domain, which makes it look ultra-professional.

I also think data analytics usage, and how data can be used to personalise customer experiences. Until now it’s largely been a big business activity, for example Google’s personalised search results, but I’m sure we’ll see this become more mainstream soon. If someone comes to your website, and you know what they’ve looked at before, it’s a massive advantage to be able to give them handy suggestions to make their experience with your business more pleasant. Unless you have a product that’s utterly unique (and even then), you really need to stand out on user experience.

Thanks for reading. Continue the discussion on Twitter @yoozoom. Which software do you use? What would you recommend?

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