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handle work calls on any internet-enabled device

"Yoozoom have restored my faith in the telecoms industry"

Simon Ketteringham, Director, Castlehill

Take your work calls with you, wherever you go!

A softphone is an abbreviation of “Software Telephone” and is basically a downloadable APP which enables a user to make and receive phone calls directly from an internet enabled device – PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Softphones are a fantastic feature of cloud phone systems (sometimes also referred to as VoIP or hosted PBX), allowing users to take their direct work number (or DDI) with them wherever they go, without need for setting up any special diverts. To make calls, simply open the APP and use the on-screen telephone keypad and contact directory. When you receive an inbound call, a pop up will flash on-screen giving you the options for answering/managing the call.

Yoozoom’s cloud phone system Cloud Voice includes user-friendly softphone technology as standard, amongst many other powerful VoIP features. Click here to find out more about Cloud Voice.

Yoozoom’s contact centre platform, Cloud Contact Centre also includes easy to use softphone technology, enabling powerful flexibility for call centres and their agents. Click here to find out more about Cloud Contact Centre.

When a softphone is really useful:

  • Employees who spend a lot of their time out of the office such as sales and service teams can be difficult for customers to get hold of. But with a softphone, there’s just one number for customers to call and depending on how the settings have been programmed, the call will route straight through to various internet- enabled devices.
  • It’s easier for flexible and home workers to provide a seamless customer service when calls to their direct work number (or DDI) go straight to them, wherever they’re working.
  • Keeping calls within the office phone system means they’re trackable and traceable, giving managers and supervisors real-time insight and peace of mind.
  • They’re perfect for business continuity. If for some reason the office is not accessible, employees can still handle their works calls from home or any other location which has an internet connection.
  • You don’t need to have a separate telephone on your desk to take a phone call. Of course it’s your choice – we recognise some people still like to have a dedicated handset, whilst others are happier with a VoIP headset.

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