Protect your customer base and generate more recurring revenue.

Cloud Voice is Yoozoom’s cutting edge cloud phone system with UC capability.

Yoozoom Cloud Voice product features

  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business and leading CRMs – in one simple click!
  • Millions of businesses already use cloud phone systems to achieve greater productivity and deliver a more professional service.
  • Help your customers take advantage of the fastest growing trend in telecommunications.
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Your Commission

12 month contract

Revenue share (Partnership)


One-off Payments

£25 per user

24 month contract

Revenue share (Partnership)


One-off Payments

£25 per user

36 month contract

Revenue share (Partnership)


One-off Payments

£25 per user

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Great Support

Most changes can be made by the internal administrator through our easy-to-follow portal. For anything else, our friendly UK-based technical support team are on hand 24/7/365, so you won’t have to step in.

Cloud voice

Great Training

We make training easy for your clients with the choice of free ‘how-to’ videos or on-site training. Get involved or leave it to Yoozoom – it’s up to you.

Phone system integration


We can assess your clients’ needs when it comes to connectivity, and provide everything they need to get going and run smoothly.

Realtime Web Conferencing WebRTC software updates

Automatic Software Upgrades

Free updates rolled out to all users at the same time. Your clients will always have the most up-to-date capability – no effort required.


Top Notch Data Security

Top notch data security using the only UK network-designated Critical National Infrastructure which is CAS-T assured and ISO accredited.

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