We’ve had lots of people ask us, “What is G.fast internet” and “can I get G.fast?” Here’s your answer!

The simple explanation

G.fast is essentially a cost-effective way to extend the reach of fibre technology, making it the next step for broadband technology. G.fast helps you to get faster internet into your premises (personal or business) without drilling holes in the walls, as you would have to do with a leased line for example.

The slightly-more-technical explanation (for those who know a little more about connectivity terminology)

If your site has copper lines, G.fast can take over where the DSL is. This brings speeds up between 152Mbps and 314Mbps, so clearly a big improvement on basic broadband. Better yet, there’s a 100Mbps speed guarantee. To put this in context, Ofcom states that the average internet download speed in the UK stands at 44Mbps.

The OpenReach Evolution


So is G.fast available to you?

Yoozoom will give you a free, no-obligation assessment, telling you if it’s available in your area and price it for you. Get in touch now!

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