HR News reports that remote working is currently on the rise, with more and more industries and businesses going digital. Currently, 13.9% of UK workers work remotely. For businesses, this is good news, as they save on valuable office resources without compromising the quality of their output. For remote workers, it proves to be a different kind of challenge. Although remote working has been known to increase work productivity, its success depends on a number of good habits. Here are some that can help you become a productive remote worker if you think you’re not yet one: 

Reduce distractions and establish boundaries

Don’t let your household chores consume you when it’s time for work. Focus on one task at a time as trying to multitask will only give you half-baked results. Turn off the TV or anything that will take your attention away from the work you should be doing. This is hard for remote workers because you have all the luxuries of home within reach while you’re working. Limit social distractions, too, especially since most people think that when you work from home you can do whatever you want during the day.

Take reasonable amounts of breaks and let technology help you out

You are more likely to be more productive if you take enough breaks to refresh your mind. Marketing expert Holly Dempster’s article ‘Why Work Hard, When You Can Work Smart’ published on Verizon Connect explains how a 10 minute break is much more effective than struggling to solve a problem for half an hour. Pacing yourself is key to staying on top of your work. Also be aware that the right kind of technology can help you stay organised and on top of deadlines, as well as automate previously time-consuming tasks. There are task scheduling, to-do list, and time management apps that you can use, too. 

Create a routine and be consistent

Country Living points out that whether it’s going for a walk, exercising, or having a big breakfast, you need to jumpstart your day by putting yourself first. One of the most important things you should do is make your bed. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and it takes away any temptation of sleeping in or lying around. Get dressed for work, too, even if your home office is just a few steps away from your bed. Conditioning your mind and body that it’s time to work (not relax) is a great way to ensure you stay productive throughout the day.

Find a community and don’t take your teammates for granted

With more people working from home, the BBC reports that mental health charity groups like Mind have raised concerns about the possible loneliness and isolation issues that come with remote work. To combat this, spend your workday in co-working spaces or cafes at least a few times a week. You can meet fellow remote workers and freelancers there and get enough social interaction without compromising your productivity. Remote worker Michelle Pratt told the BBC: “It helps my productivity and motivation if I can be around other people.”

More than 90% of remote workers believe they get more work done when they do their job from home. There is less stress and the possibilities for work-life balance is high. It all boils down to good time management skills and a lot of discipline.

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