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Record, save, review and download important phone conversations

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Do you need a phone solution with an automatic call recorder?

Automatic call recorders are typically an optional extra with cloud phone systems (also sometimes referred to as VoIP or hosted PBX), providing a business with the ability to record, save, review, download and assign conversations to contacts in their CRM system.

If automatic call recording is essential to your business, it is important to choose a cloud phone system which already has a built in high quality automatic call recorder as typically, you cannot “mix and match” with other solutions.

Automatic call recorder is an optional extra with Cloud Voice, Yoozoom’s market leading cloud phone system.  Click here to go to Cloud Voice.

Automatic call recorders and regulated business

If your business is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) or you process payments over the telephone, it is worth also making sure the cloud phone system you select has an automatic call recorder which is PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry) and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) compliant. Being PCI DSS compliant means you have protected your business against the risks of fraud as it enables customers to input account/card details over the telephone in isolation to the agent taking the call so no payment data is recorded, stored or overhead by the Agent.

The automatic call recorder in Yoozoom’s Cloud Contact Centre solution is both PCI DSS and FCA compliant. Click here to go to Cloud Contact Centre.

Features of a good automatic call recorder:

  • Supervisors can set up criteria for receiving alerts on calls; eg when a member of staff is on a call which exceeds a maximum duration, when certain phone numbers are called etc
  • Choose who to record – you might not need or want to record every member of staff
  • Search filters and criteria help you to locate the right call(s) easily
  • Online, secure portal to access and manage call recordings, anytime
  • Standard integrations/plugins with CRM systems like Salesforce allow you to assign calls to CRM contacts

Benefits of automatic call recording:

  • Improved quality of training for telesales staff – supervisors can listen to and provide feedback on real conversations.
  • High customer service – monitor customer interactions to ensure department and team standards are maintained.

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