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  • "We chose Yoozoom and an Avaya solution on a fixed cost per user, after good honest advice at point of sale"

    - Jules Altan, Operations Manager - Modelsport
  • "After consulting Yoozoom, we’ve taken a Virtual PBX solution for our new Raithwaite Hotel sales office in York, until we transfer service to the hotel where we’ll put in Avaya for the 90 bedrooms"

    - Paul Ellis, Managing Director - Skelwith Group
  • "The Virtual Phone system was ideal, as we needed quick and simple set up and the ability for a call to reach all our staff both in the office and mobiles spending as much time out the office as in it viewing properties and developments"

    - Toby Cockcroft, Managing Director - DHP Croft
  • "Due to the diverse nature of our business the Virtual PBX was ideal, the fact that we can control our services online ourselves is ideal for the nature of our staff and events"

    - Tom Frank, Managing Director - Ice Cubed Events
  • "Yoozoom's approach was one of a consultative sale and really helped us understand the differences in technologies"

    - Jay Cooper, Project Manager - Skelwith Group
  • "we needed to move office, had concerns as our previous experience was poor, however yoozoom made it seem very easy and everything went like the clockwork"

    - Sam, Managing Director – New Forest Activities
  • "On hearing my 1st HD voice demo by yoozoom my instant reaction was, where do I sign !"

    - Ian Lester, IT Manager – Filtronic
  • "We asked yoozoom for a review, they came with new thinking to improve our services and proved to save us money on existing services, perfect"

    - James Matthews, CEO - Eden Rock Capital Management
  • "We had a choice from BT of a Mitel system or hosted VOIP but we selected yoozoom's Broadsoft platform, really pleased we did as install and move went well I now have the bria app on my Iphone and i love it.The yoozoom team has been great in helping us get the best out of it"

    - James Venner, Director - Vsquared TV
  • "We had huge trouble down to incorrect advice and wrong solution received from our previous supplier, yoozoom came along and with their attention to details and simplistic approach convinced us that Hosted Phone System is a way to go"

    - Stefanos Thomaidis, Owner - Diamond Smiles Dental Centre
  • "Yoozoom approached us to do a review, pleased we accepted as they delivered a 25% saving on like for like services"

    - Peter Brook, MD – Oracle Finance
  • "SIP was very much new to us, yoozoom explained the why and how's and helped us implement a successful trial, which gave us the confidence to move replace all our ISDN with SIP trunks"

    - Richard Barker, Network Manager - P&O FerryMasters

Explaining the Benefits of Fixed Pricing for Telephony

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Seen as one of the staple services of any organisation, a fully functional and cost effective telephony system is a fundamental requirement for all business communications.

Not only do IT managers have the pressure of ensuring that the technical element of their communications infrastructure embraces the most cutting edge technology - they have the added responsibility of securing the best value for money without compromising any performance.

Consequently, fixed or ‘not to exceed’ pricing is a big hit with IT departments. Many need to be able to present their directors with a firm budget for a specific result, whilst some believe it protects them from unscrupulous contractors. Additionally, more savvy IT managers are aware of potential pitfalls in projects and want to shift some of the risk back to the provider.

At Yoozoom4business we are used to dealing directly with business owners, particularly if they are not large enough to employ a full-time IT consultant. So, what do we advise customers in this situation? Well, telephony is classified under ‘fixed costs’ within any SME’s operating costs. Therefore, they want this provision to mean exactly that and we give them peace of mind that for X they will receive Y regardless of their situation.

Generally, this is the way of working we prefer to recommend to all customers. For one monthly fee we provide a seamless IT communications solution, which includes the ability to transport data, telephone calls, video all using the latest broadband services and SIP technology.

As a result, this effectively means endless phone calls using external and internal telephone networks with full cost control, which is great news not just for chatterboxes, but also frequent surfers!

Whether our customer is a hospital or hotel, which have a heavy emphasis on internal phone systems or a call centre client dealing with massive volumes of external calls, fixed price telephony is the most measureable way to manage and monitor cost versus performance.

As with any provider , it is important for us to gain and maintain the trust of all our customers, which we can only do by recommending the best approach and letting them experience the positive results for themselves.

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Our Key Services

Business Hosted Phone System

YooZoom is a leading supplier of hosted phone systems.Hosted systems are the future of UK telecoms, supporting business grade communications in HD Voice, HD video and collaboration tools all on same platform.more

Fixed to Mobile Convergence

Fixed to Mobile convergence (FMC) is about making one common platform for both landline and mobile infrastructures. At YooZoom we have MVNO agreement and the market leading solution in the UK Today. Mobile X.more

IP Handsets & Network equipment

We have a full range of equipment including, a variety of IP phones (SIP Clients) to suit all budgets, network switches and routers. All installed and maintained by our team of fully trained engineers.more

SIP Trunks & Voice Gateways

"SIP trunking is an ISDN line replacement traditional telephone systems, over 75% cheaper than traditional ISDN services, with more functionality and better call rates. Available over existing broadband or Fibre services.more

Inbound Numbering

We provide new Inbound IP geographic numbers, as well as non geographic numbers 0844, 0845 etc all of which gives businesses resilience, control and flexibility over and above standard installs.more

Corporate Virtual Private Networking

Connecting multisite operations via their own private network using either broadband, EFM and Fibre or combination. Surveys are conducted via engineering teams and pricing is relative to location, bandwidth and requirements.more

Broadband, Ethernet & Leased line

YooZoom has a wide variety of broadband services to ensure we have the right service for your business and solution. In additional we have a wider portfolio of EFM & Fibre services offering a clear road map.more

Voice & Data network cabling

Cat5e & Cat 6 cabling services are required in all most all office deployments, we can provide a full install services as well as wireless access infrastructures to suit all requirements.more

Calls & Lines

YooZoom sources its services directly from Openreach and provides all traditional calls, lines and CPS services at competitive rates. In providing service will we help you understand your estate and any migration path to IP services.more

3G Fixed IP, Back up & Bonded internet connection

3G mobile services can be incorporated in routers to offer seamless back up to Broadband services. Broadband & 3G services can also be bonded to give greater bandwidths and quick deployments.more

Business Mobiles

Mobile access and devices are enjoying massive innovation, with a multitude of options and services. YooZoom can offer connectivity to all UK networks helping you understand what best for your business.more

Voice & Video Conferencing

Voice Conferencing is growing sector due to cost and environmental issues, we have a full portfolio covering this area and also its big brother video conferencing. With are hosted PBX services you can have both voice & video conferences.more